This countdown to Christmas craft is a very clever and creative use of plastic drink bottles.  You will require some painting skills to be able to pull this off though – courtesy of Craftberry Bush

Believe it or not, these cute penguins started of as….

….these.  Plastic drink bottles.

Cut the bottles in half and throw away the top section.  You will need two for each penguin

Join the bottles together – one should slide inside the other easily without using glue.

Spray with white Krylon to prepare the surface for painting

Paint in the details of the penguins such as eyes, beak, hat and scarves

Glue on pompoms or anything else you like.

Make lots of them or each child can make one and choose their own colours and patterns etc.

These are gorgeous and the kids will love them at Christmas time.  Thanks to Craftberry Bush  – visit her website for more craft ideas.

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