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This is Oz Wildlife Studio’s first time at this hugely popular event and as the Redlands Indigiscapes Centre stocks my product line in their beautiful gift shop I was very enthusiastic about attending the popular Indigi Day Out as a local business.

The wait is over and the judges have made their decision… The winners of this year’s Christmas Card Design Competition run by Oz Wildlife Studio are -

The Christmas Card Design Competition for 2013 is in full swing but your children still have lots of time to enter!

Children can you come up with a bold and colourful design which portrays the Christmas spirit in the 2013 Christmas Card Design Competition hosted by Oz Wildlife Studio?

The very first glimpse of the students who attend the Tuesday afternoon art class. They kindly invite you into the Oz Wildlife Studio to share the art projects they are working on and the techniques and media they use.

A couple of students from the Oz Wildlife Studio art classes entered the recent “Look and Learn” art competition on the theme of “Bridge”. We were not successful at winning any prizes but had fun coming up with ideas for the theme.  Here are the winning artworks selected by the judges.

The first episode starring the students from the Monday art class where they discuss their latest artworks and share their techniques and media used. We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your comments.

The second episode of Stories from the Studio.  This time the students of the Saturday morning art class invite you into the studio to share what they are working on, the media and techniques they have used.

Stories from the Studio A brand new series of videos taking you into the Oz Wildlife Studio Art Classes where you can listen to the students talking about their artworks where they show you the techniques they are using.

I was invited to the Cleveland Buzz “Pottery in the Park” event for children this year by local potter Paul Holland from Windmill Potteries. If you have never heard of the Cleveland Buzz, it is a vibrant festival of arts and performances, held in and around Bloomfield Street, Cleveland.