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There are two newsletters available

If you are a parent of a child who attends the Oz Wildlife Studio Art Classes you will automatically be subscribed to the private Art Classes Newsletter which will enable you to stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on in the art classes your child attends. You may choose to opt out at any time.

Many of the resources and information re. art materials and equipment, art games, software and apps etc will be moved over to the Engaged in Art site and the aim here is to make the Oz Wildlife Studio Art Classes site and Newsletter exclusively for the children and parents involved. Anyone across the globe will still be able to access the site of course so that family members and friends will continue to see blog posts and your child’s gallery.

Our sister site Engaged in Art will now be the hub of art and craft information. This site which is not long out of its wrapper and still very shiny and new is feeling a bit lonely at the moment and we would love you to pop over and take a peek and become involved. Here you will have access to a growing bank of art and craft inspiration for you, your children and your students if you are a teacher.  There is also a forum where you can meet other creatives, ask questions and share your knowledge of all things art and craft.

Free eBook - Stencilling - art and craft techniques

We are thrilled to offer our Engaged in Art subscribers this eBook for free which will give you a flavour of what the site has to offer. In this book you will learn the art of stencilling which anyone can do. Fantastic art and craft ideas where you don’t require advanced art skills or expensive equipment to enjoy stencilling. Children love to do stencilling as well. This eBook comes as a PDF and will be delivered to you instantly via e-mail when you become an Engaged in Art Subscriber.

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Why should you become a subscriber?

Well, apart from getting this amazingly inspirational eBook with bonus templates included of animals and birds for you to cut out as templates, you will receive regular inspiration to engage yourself, your children and your students (if you are a teacher) in the art and craft process.

Our aim at Engaged in Art is to offer you, your children or your students heaps of motivation, bucket loads of inspiration and crate fulls of art and craft ideas, tips and techniques.

There are also forums on the Engaged in Art website where you can “virtually” meet fellow artists, parents with creative kids and teachers who teach art to their students. Come on board and share ideas, tips, seek advice, learn and have fun!

Here’s a sneak preview of the free eBook.

Free eBook on Stecilling at Engaged in Art art and craft ideas at engaged in art

Parents of the art classes, you will need sign up separately for the Engaged in Art Newsletter by clicking the subscribe link below.