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Craft Sessions

Throughout the year there will be craft sessions held at Oz Wildlife Studio which will often coincide with special events. For instance, the next craft session is a St Valentine’s Day theme.

These sessions are completely separate from the weekly art classes and your child does not have to be a member of the art classes to attend the craft sessions.  They are also one-off sessions where the children get to take home what they make at the end.



When will the Craft Sessions be on?

On Saturday afternoons from 2pm – 4.30pm

What age group are the Craft Sessions for?

Children ages 7 – 14 may attend the craft sessions

How many children can attend the Craft Sessions?

There is room for 8 students in the studio

How much are the Craft Sessions?

$25 per child which includes all materials plus low joule cordial and cookies for afternoon tea. Other selections are available at an additional cost for afternoon tea if requested such as sponge or mud cake, iced cup cakes, iced biscuits.

Can parents stay during the Craft Sessions?

No, sorry – there is simply no room. All parents will be required to collect their children at the end of the session. You will have provided your contact and emergency numbers on the enrollment form and your children will be well looked after in a safe, caring and loving environment.

How will I find out when the Craft Sessions are on?

They will be on the Classes Calendar which you may visit here.  All Craft Sessions will be marked in purple.  They will also be advertised on the website and sent out via the newsletter. If you are not already subscribed to the art classes newsletter you can subscribe by filling out the form in the footer at the very bottom of this page.

How do I book a place for my child in the Craft Sessions?

By using the enrollment form on this website which you may visit here or by sending an e-mail to  lesley@ozwildlifestudio.com or telephoning the studio on Tel: 0406 047 308

What will the children be making?

There will be a variety of crafts offered throughout the year to suit the occasions and themes.

Here are some of the crafts:-

Polymer Clay – We will be using moulds, templates, stamps and acrylic paint to make a range of objects such as teddy bears, hearts, people, flowers, fairies, shells, sea creatures, dinosaurs, animals etc and they can be made into fridge magnets, brooches, key chains, mini hangings (as in the example on the right) or necklaces.

Mosaics – We will be mosaic-ing small wooden shapes of stars, dinosaurs, flowers, sea creatures, frogs,  animals, etc which can be made into fridge magnets, brooches, mini wall-hangings or necklaces and key chains.  Other mosaic projects will be larger oval shapes which can be for house number plaques or name room plaques.

Decorative Painting – We will be decorating a range of mdf shapes [as in the mosaics] using a variety of media and painting techniques plus additional decorative elements such as gem stones.  These can be made into fridge magnets, brooches, mini wall-hangings or necklaces and key chains.

Printmaking Cards – the children will be learning how to do printmaking to produce a series of cards and tags with their own designs. We will be printing onto different surfaces and applying various techniques to produce hand-made cards you and your children will be proud to give to family members, friends and relatives. The cards will be printed onto card stock with white envelopes. Totally professional!  Matching gift tags and wrapping paper will also be printed.

Scrapbooking – this activity is perfect for recording memories in a unique and fun scrapbook  to be treasured for years using either old CD roms or made up into a mini spiral bound book.  We will be using a mixture of the children’s own photographs and memorabilia such as: tickets; old letters; drawings; paintings; pictures from magazines; wrapping paper; Christmas/Birthday cards; anything else the children have that is flat enough to be glued onto the CD Rom can be used plus materials provided such as coloured papers, inking stamps, embellishments, tissue paper, jewels, raffia and more!